T’T&LB Team

Tina Lilly is Cannabis Patient and one of our founders and along with Daniel has been an advocate for cannabis and women everywhere. She has been instrumental in creating our brands female heroine. Every day she looks to inspire and create a strong message for our culture that inclusion is the epicenter of collaboration and innovation.   

Daniel Lilly is Cannabis Patient and our COO he is an industry subject matter expert with two decades of compliant operations experience, and was most recently the Director of Operations for Greene Fox a national cannabis company with licenses in Maryland, Illinois and California. After recently leaving GreeneFox Daniel focused on development of the IP T’T&LB is bringing to the market.

Chris Broussard is our Director of Art and Branding; he came from an original cannabis packaging provider Cannaline and has successfully developed brands for some of the biggest companies across the country including brands like Grass Roots. 

Carrie Kirk is Cannabis Patient and our Director of sales, also coming to us from Cannaline, Carrie has maintained some of the largest accounts to the industry for Cannaline and has been able to year on year improve the sales numbers at a 25% growth rate. Though she won’t admit it she is “Cannabis Famous” and has relationships with many existing wholesalers and retailers. 

Drew Musgrove is Cannabis Patient and our Logistics Director he is handling the Third Part Logistics, organizing the ordering and developing of our packaging materials and brand swag for each market. Drew also came to us from Cannaline and is responsible for the logistics for that company in a growth phase from a revenue stream of $1 million when he started to over $7.5 million. 

John Arlauskas is a successful lifestyle brand owner, and has great expertise in business, marketing, and social media development. He has worked with dispensaries and brands across multiple markets and has started a successful digital media marketing company.

Chris Anderson is our chief legal counsel will drive the development of our licensure agreements.  Chris is an exceptional cannabis business lawyer and was a transplant from Microsoft where he was on their lead business legal team and is a cannabis license owner in the state of Washington. 

Ben Harries is a Cannabis Patient and a successful entrepreneur and runs a commercial contract/construction company that specializes in kitchen, lab retail build outs across the country.

Zac Crisco is a successful entrepreneur who is contracted from the digital marketing agency, Prime Presence Inc. He specializes in web design, content marketing, and brand development with a background in project and new venture management.