Community Initiative

Tokin’ Tina & the Lilly Bear
1333 Generals HWY
P.O. Box 146
Crownsville, MD 21032
Community Initiative
To our Beautiful and Passionate Community,
In a time filled with uncertainty, perceived hate, and difficult times we need to come from a place of positive movement and love. We have come so far, and yet still have a long way to go, we cannot let the actions of a few, and the loss of so many beautiful souls stop us from coming together and focusing on the positive change we will manifest as a community.  
We are Tokin’ Tina & the LillyBear, and this is our Mission Statement:
To Boldly go, where no cannabis edible company has gone before…. Shooting for the stars, while sustainably staying grounded in the Cannabis Community.
We at Tokin’ Tina and the LillyBear want to thank you for the opportunity to work together and be a part of our community, and though our brand is new we have been a part of our community for a long time. We are excited to work with the community to manifest the change we all want to see in the world. 
Cannabis is a connector of communities, a mind-expanding and healing experience that allows us to come together as one community and culture that has a million faces and facets. We like many, love this community because of its accepting nature and all-inclusivity at the core of our movement. We support each other blindly because we have fought for something bigger than ourselves, we repeatedly teach about the benefits of cannabis and togetherness as we commune in music, food, educational gatherings, and through our fierce advocacy.
This is why T’T&LB feels that it is not enough to just be a part of our community we feel that it is necessary to invest in the change we want to see.
To start we have decided to donate $1.00 per a unit sold from any T’T&LB product to be raised and donated to four causes. First it is wrong to profit when so many have had their lives irreparably damaged by the war on drugs as such our first fund we will contribute to is the Last Prisoner Project, the second fund we will support will be local decriminalization nature movements, the third will be social equity focused programs and the last will be to disadvantaged patient initiatives.
Second, we will work with groups to hire people who are trying to recover from the unnecessary setbacks by unfortunate incarceration due to this plant. No one should be prevented from using marketable skills or continued development them to improve their lives and support their families in particular when we as a society have deemed cannabis essential in the face of our current environment. 
These are causes near and dear to our team, because they are tied to the change we want to see for our beautiful and resilient community, and we feel that their consideration is paramount and as such will be factored before day one profits.
We are honored to be a part of our community and we want to be of assistance to all of you in the best way we can.