About Us

What is Tokin Tina and the Lilly Bear?

Tokin’ Tina is a strong female heroine veteran turned space Pirate with a mission to help those in the galaxy who need Medicine and education on the positives of cannabis. She has traveled the galaxy far and wide with her blaster and giant trusty PTSD Pup Lillybear, who as luck would have it has PTSD himself and just wants Tokin' Tina to sit down read a book or relax and watch the stars and galaxies pass by on their travels and let him eat his bones, but that never seems to happen for the pair. Together they find the strength to fight for the plant that helped them find normalcy and the for people who can’t fight patients and free adults alike. 

They continue to go on adventures where they fight to free a plant that heals and connects communities bringing whole groupings of people that would have unlikely similarities other than the fact that their lives are forever changed for the better by the plant together.  Tokin’ Tina the Lilly bear are just one of the many colorful and wonderful advocates that answer this call to educate and tell the story of our culture through the stories of her adventures, and to educate patients and free adults alike of the benefits of cannabis plant. Their story connects all sectors of culture and life together, It is in our music, food, friends, families, cities and communities that Cannabis has the potential to comfort and unite on common principles that we are all free and our lives are filled with love and joy and that is worth fighting for.

Our Brand will bring you never before seen medicated treats forged by the best machines culinary science and engineering has to offer designed for space travel. We want to tell mini comic book series and tell the story of how this plant fell to the wayside and what happen in times past like 1937, and the ensuing struggle the effect the unsuccessful and perpetual failing drug war has had on our society the success stories of discovering the benefits to the epileptic children, and PTSD patients and the 22 vets a day that take their lives do to PTSD, and the cancer patients that have found comfort or an appetite or flat out shrunk a tumor. And to the patients and advocates that died before they got help or people that are in jail for a plant. And the happy stories of how accepting our culture is are how we won’t stop cant’ stop fighting for each other and equity for all. 

We are not alone, we are not the minority, we are the majority. And though they try to divide us, we are undividable, like water around a rock we will always regroup, we are the force that carves our destiny.

This is the story Of Tokin’ Tina and the LillyBear, this is the story of us. Stay tuned to read about the adventures of T’T and the Lillybear. 

These are Treats for a more civilized time…